The ‘Bis weekly news update – October 13 to 19, 2018

We did it, everyone! Cannabis has been legalized in Canada. And with this historic enactment of the new cannabis regime comes a plethora of new news and information that is changing the culture and markets of this country in ways we are only beginning to understand.

Here are the stories breaking only a few days into the end of prohibition.

Nova Scotia is running out of weed

Nova Scotia was one of the first provinces to have legalization come into force. Just one of the many benefits of being in the Atlantic time zone (almost as good as being in Newfoundland). However, while customers are gladly handing over fistfuls of green bills to the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, the provincial body responsible for sales, supplies have quickly dwindled.

While Nova Scotia is the first province to officially announce a shortage, many online and physical storefronts are reporting a lack of supply to keep pace with demand. BC also sold out of capsules, showing that perhaps provinces were not ready for how many Canadians wanted alternatives to smoking.

BC is the leader in bud selections had the best selection of dried flower in the country.

The province that has long been lauded as the leader of Canadian cannabis counterculture, with its iconic BC bud boasted 97 varieties in stock. While the selection is vast online, the land of the lotus eaters has only one physical store open in the entire province.

A Kamloops outpost has opened, under the purview of the provincial government. BC will be using a hybrid system however and has received over 150 applications for permits to open private stores. There have been few updates on the timeline of this however.

No tracking numbers for OCS weed in Ontario, shipping delays

If you’re planning on placing an order for legal cannabis in Ontario, the only route available is through the Ontario Cannabis Store’s online portal.

As the Ontario Conservative Party scrambles to rewrite the previous government’s public-run system, into a private one, Ontarians can use as a temporary means of attaining legal pot. The site, which went live at 12:01 am on October 17, has a wide selection, from a variety of different companies, and offers a wide variety of products.

Those placing an order will be quick to notice two things. The first is that the once promised one to three business days required for shipping, has been extended. The landing page now contains a short disclaimer advising customers they could have to wait for up to five days now for orders.

The second development is that orders from the store come with no tracking number.

Ontario is relying on Canada Post to deliver their product to consumers, a process which reliability may come into question as the union representing postal workers, CUPE, has issued a strike notice that could begin as soon as Monday.

Conservative minister says they’ll “fix” cannabis legalization

Conservative Member of Parliment Candice Bergen isn’t shy about her feelings towards the federal government. The minister from Manitoba is the house leader of the official opposition and was recently on camera to give her thoughts about the handling of cannabis legalization.

She reposted a recent press conference to her YouTube channel.

At the time marker 11:55, the MP fields a question about how cannabis was a test for the Liberal government. Among her many statements condemning Trudeau and his party over the handling of this particular file, she concludes her answer, with “we have a lot to fix.”

What exactly the Conservatives plan to change about the regulations if they come into power is unclear but Bergen does specifically mention the failure to consult with Indigenous communities as one of the current government’s main failings.

A driver was fined for smoking cannabis in his car just hours after legalization started

A Manitoba driver was given a $672 ticket for getting high in their vehicle, marking what may be the first post-legalization offence.

According to a Tweet from Winnipeg police, a driver was stopped for consuming “cannabis in a motor vehicle on a highway,” on Wednesday.

“So… this happened early this morning: A consume Cannabis in a Motor Vehicle ticket was issued. Just like alcohol, consuming cannabis is legal -and like alcohol, consuming it in your vehicle is not,” says the tweet.

Like alcohol, even if you are not operating the vehicle (which reports indicate this driver was not) you can still be fined.

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