The Bis Weekly News Update – May 20 to 25

It’s the end of another week of cannabis news here in Canada. While most of us had a short workweek, the business of cannabis isn’t taking a break — and neither are we.

Stay in the know the best way possible, with The Bis Weekly News Update for May 20 to 25.

Cannabis like product found containing Carfentanil

Not all weed news is good news tragically. Synthetic cannabis is already a danger, but now it’s been taken a step further, as a product resembling cannabis was found to contain carfentanil in Tecumseh by OPP.

According to Windsor-Essex Community Opioid & Substance Strategy, this was first flagged in an alert in other regions on May 21.

The presence of carfentanil was confirmed May 23, according to the alert sent by WECOSS.

“There is no cannabis in this product,” says the alert.

On May 21, Waterloo Region Integrated Drugs Strategy sounded the alarm for this substance. After the drug was formally confirmed, it said on Twitter that the substance is “carfentanil that has been disguised to resemble cannabis.”

Police did not provide a photo of the substance.

Aurora and the UFC pen ‘multi-million dollar’ CBD deal

Edmonton-based licenced producer Aurora, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) are looking to choke the market unconscious (sports metaphors are hard) with a new deal to develop CBD products and education for athletes.

The deal, as per Aurora, is a “multi-year, multi-million dollar, global partnership” to research 100% hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD) and develop products that could be beneficial for both the public and athletes.

According to a release, the research will be conducted at the UFC’s Performance Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, in collaboration with mixed martial arts league’s sports performance team, as well as with athletes who choose to participate in the studies.

The Performance Institute is a 30,000-sq-ft facility which focuses on fighter health and training. The company boasts that it’s the world’s first “mixed martial arts multi-disciplinary research, innovation, and training center.”

Since it’s 2017 opening, the league says it has served 400 athletes over two years.

“Since the day we opened the Performance Institute, our primary goal was to offer UFC athletes the best possible training, nutrition, and recovery services,” said UFC President Dana White in a press release.

“This partnership with Aurora is an extension of that goal, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with Aurora to find new ways to improve the health and safety of athletes who compete in UFC.”

Pot shop cuts hours because it can’t get enough cannabis

An Ottawa pot shop is being forced to significantly reduce its hours because it’s consistently running out of cannabis and says the province won’t allow it to increase its order.

The Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store on Bank Street, which was operating seven days a week for 14 hours a day, will now close early on Tuesdays and entirely on Wednesdays.

It will open again on Thursdays at 6 p.m. after its weekly delivery arrives.

“We’ve been running out of cannabis for a few weeks now,” said Harrison Stoker, vice-president of brand and culture for the Donnelly Group, the store’s parent company, told CBC.

“We probably really should have been a little bit more proactive, but I think we were hoping that maybe [the demand for pot] would be a little more like a roller coaster with some ups and downs. But we definitely see some consistency in demand at this point.”

Stoker said the province limits how much cannabis a store can order to 25 kilograms per week. Hobo makes an average of 1,400 transactions a day, he said, and they usually sell out by Tuesday.

“We would take twice as much in a heartbeat, absolutely, because we’ve got the demand,” Stoker said.

“But we’re being good partners and neighbours on this one so we are [accepting] the policy that’s been set.”

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