The ‘Bis weekly news update – May 19 to 25, 2018

Aurora Cannabis Makes a Bigger Move into Pharma Tech

Alberta based Licenced Producer Aurora has made a sizeable investment in a pharmaceutical company.

Aurora is acquiring a 9.14% ownership in CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings. The agreement also enables to Aurora to increase ownership to 42.5%.

Among other things the deal gives Aurora access to CTT’s “novel, patent-protected drug delivery technologies.” CTT will now provide Aurora with global exclusivity to develop, manufacture and market oral thin films wafers.

The companies will work jointly towards obtaining Health Canada approval for introduction of the new products on the Canadian market.

2 No Emery hemp cafe for Toronto

Canadian activist Jodie Emery has revealed that she was planning to open a Cafe with Sam James, a successful Toronto coffee shop owner and entrepreneur.

According to Emery’s twitter account “Jodie’s Joint,” was set to open in the Kensington Market. The business plan was to focus on coffee, while also offering a selection of hemp-based foods, and branded products.

James has since walked away from the idea and Emery is blaming Abi Roach, owner of the Hotbox Lounge (and Talking the ‘Bis guest!) for dismantling the deal.

Roach has denied the claim, saying that she took issue with the proposed location because of its proximity to her own business but did not pressure James to back out of the venture.

Hydropothecary launches a new brand for recreational cannabis: Introducing HEXO

Hydropothecary has introduced HEXO, a new brand for the recreational adult-use cannabis market. The launch of this brand is taking place at the Lift Cannabis Expo in Toronto, Ontario.

The Company will continue to use its the brand Hydropothecary for the medical cannabis market and production of cannabis will continue for both at the Company’s facilities in Gatineau, Quebec.

“Legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada is an exciting time for our country as well as a once-in-a-generation public policy shift. HEXO is the right brand at the right time,” said Adam Miron, Hydropothecary’s co-founder and Chief Brand Officer.

“HEXO was created for Canadians who use recreational cannabis.”

Sharing the same focus on product innovation and high-quality cannabis, the two brands share the first letter H – representing the Hydropothecary family – while the new brand adds EXO, meaning outer or external.

4 Liberal MP’s vote yes on taxing medical cannabis

Liberal members of the finance committee voted against an amendment that would have created an exemption for medical cannabis from Bill C-74’s proposed excise tax.

“Perhaps 4,000 or more Canadians have written to the members of this committee to oppose this new system, this tax regime on cannabis for medical purposes,” said MP Pierre Luc Dusseault of the NDP in the House of Commons.

“It will have a very negative effect on current users because it’s a system that is already in place. More than 260,000 people are using cannabis for medical purposes, and they have openly criticized this new tax on their medication.”

Dusseault fought for the definition of medical cannabis to be expanded to include medical cannabis products that do not have a drug identification number.

The amendment was defeated, with five Liberal MPs voting against it while Conservative and NDP MPs were in support.

5 Lift Expo returns this weekend in Toronto

The conference is returning to Toronto for 2018 and will be hosting a series of highly-respected business leaders in a range of formats, including keynotes, panel discussions, and networking sessions.

Many of our guests from the show Talking the ‘Bis will be in attendance as well as several members of our production team.

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