The Bis Weekly News Update – March 24 to 29

It’s certainly been a week in the world of Canadian cannabis, but don’t worry, The ‘Bis is here to walk you through it. Spring is coming and with, a whole bunch more more cannabis news.

A professional funny man is the latest to get in on the legal green game, there’s a sweet new cannabis treat hitting the market, one Canadian University is beginning a new cannabis science program very soon, and more. It’s The ‘Bis weekly news roundup!

McMaster University offering one of the first Canadian cannabis post-secondary programs

McMaster University offering one of the first Canadian cannabis post-secondary programs

Hamilton’s McMaster University Continuing Education has opened enrolment on March 25 for its new program, the Science of Cannabis.

According to the university, this is one of the first post-secondary programs in the country focused on the “scientific study of cannabis and its therapeutic applications, risks and harms.”

“There’s a lot of information out in the world about cannabis,” says Dr. James MacKillop, Director of the Peter Boris Centre for Addiction Research, in a video for the program. “Not all of it is accurate.”

Graduates of the three-course program will receive an academic certificate, with the first course, Fundamentals of Cannabis Science, starting in May 2019.

The course’s enrollment page lists it at $849.36 and students will take the course online.

“This program really takes advantage of a lot of faculty expertise,” said MacKillop, in a release. “Students are going to have first-hand exposure to all different avenues of cannabis research that are being pursued within our centres.”

The first course will be taught by Dr. Michael Amlung, an assistant professor of psychiatry at McMaster and faculty member of the Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research.

The man who brought us Jelly Belly has made a CDB-infused jelly bean

The man who brought us Jelly Belly has made a CBD-infused jelly bean

Munchie-maker David Klein is best known for inventing the Jelly Belly jelly bean. Now, he’s taking his confectionary skills to a higher level with a new brand of CBD-infused candy beans.

Spectrum Confections — not to be confused with Canopy’s Spectrum Cannabis — is now selling 800-piece packs of their Spectrum Jelly Beans. Each of which contains 10 mg of CBD and comes in 38 different flavours, according to the company.

“The reason why I got back into this jelly bean business with CBD after all these years is it actually works,” Klein is quoted in reports. “My wife got into an accident, she fell down in a hotel in Colorado. She was in tremendous pain and from that point on she took a tonic that had CBD.”

Klein also cautions that he’s not making any medical claims. “We just know it works for her,” he explained, over the phone, “we got into the business to help people.”

“All the time when I was Mr. Jelly Belly, we were bringing fun to people, but I had a guilty conscience that we were not doing what was best for their bodies. Now I feel with the CBD added I don’t feel guilty at all. ”

For those who don’t want the sugar but still have a sweet tooth, the beans are also offered in a sugar-free variety, as well as a sour flavour.

The product has already generated a significant amount of interest, as all three of the brand’s selections are completely sold out at the time of publishing.

According to Klein, his products are available anywhere in the United States, and he has plans for Canada as well.

“We love Canada,” he said. “We’re excited for when they put the green light on [edibles].”

Seth Rogen has partnered with Canopy Growth

Seth Rogen has partnered with Canopy Growth

In a project said to be “years in the making” Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen have teamed up with Canopy Growth to launch their very own cannabis company.

Titled Houseplant, Rogen revealed the company in a short video of a closing matchbook, emblazoned with the new venture’s logo.

“Been working on something I’m very excited about for years and years,” the BC-native wrote in the caption. “Follow Houseplant if you’d like to find out more! I’m sorry I’m being mysterious but that’s how it is.”

The company was officially announced this morning in a press release, complete with b-roll footage of Rogen and Goldberg touring a grow facility.

Houseplant’s website is a collection of deliberately low-fi graphics and videos that include humorous PSAs narrated by Rogen, on everything from strain types to consumption methods.

“Houseplant is a passion we’ve brought to life through drive and dedication,” said Rogen, in the release. “Every decision we’ve made for the business reflects the years of education, first-hand experience and respect we have for cannabis.”

Ontario cannabis stores could see $1.25M a month

Ontario cannabis stores could see $1.25M a month

The CBC is reporting that a business expert from Brock University has predicted that Ontario’s cannabis stores could see $1.25 million in revenue.

Michael Armstrong, an associate professor at Brock, says Quebec’s dozen retail cannabis shops are making about $900,000 a month in sales, and they have lower prices than Ontario shops will.

Ontario’s 25 stores — when prices, locations and population are factored in — should each be million-dollar-a-month businesses, he is quoted as saying.

“Obviously, it’s going to vary,” said Armstrong, who teaches in Brock’s Goodman School of Business.

A cannabis store in Yorkdale, for example, will be more high end, while the St. Catharines store will be “more your neighbourhood pot shop.”

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