The Bis Weekly News Round-Up – November 15 to 22

Winter is coming, so keep warm with the latest cannabis news from the past week.

You may notice that this is coming a day earlier than usual. Thursdays will now be the day to get The Bis’ news round-up. Think of it as that last little push you need to get to Friday.

This week has been an interesting one in the cannabis world, a major Canadian cannabis investor was handed a lifetime ban in the US, a recent poll suggests most Canucks don’t think the legal age is high enough, one major university has hired its first cannabis research chair and more.

Here’s what you need to know for November 15 to 22.

UNB hires first-ever cannabis research chair

According to a report by the CBC, Canada’s first academic researcher focused on the cannabis plant has been appointed as cannabis health research chair and assistant professor at the University of New Brunswick.

A professor who specializes in anti-cancer research, Dr. Yang Qu told the public news agency he’ll use that experience to help him understand the full medicinal potential of weed. He has spent the last five years studying the Madagascar periwinkle and how to synthesize the compounds in that plant to use in chemotherapy.

“We know something about the medicinal value of cannabinoids, about the major two cannabinoids, THC and CBD,” Qu is quoted as saying. “The information about other cannabinoids that also accumulate in the plant are very scarce, so this is an area that we need to study.”

Canadians spend $5.9 billion on weed in Q3

Cannabis spending grew 1.1 per cent in Q3 to $5.9 billion

Statistics Canada has released its latest data cannabis survey data, and surprise, Canadians still love weed.

Canadian spending on cannabis rose 1.1% to roughly $5.9 billion in the third quarter of this year. Shocking to some (but not many) 84% of purchases reported in the voluntary survey were illegal and non-medical. This is actually a positive is you compare that to the 98% reported in 2014. The agency estimates that of the $4.9 billion in illegal, non-medical pot purchases in the third quarter, roughly 1.9% came from home production.

About $836 million was spent on medical cannabis during the period, including $88 million of personal production. Household spending on cannabis has increased for six consecutive quarters, averaging a growth rate of 1.5%.

Reddit group forms seemingly to gripe about Ontario’s (moldy) legal weed

Several OCS Customers Have Found Mold On Their Weed And Are Warning Ontarians To Check Their Orders

The Ontario Cannabis Store has been under increasing scrutiny since launching on October 17. A section of the popular social sharing page Reddit, billed as the “front page of the Internet,” has been dedicated to the online retailer. The ‘Subreddit,’ The OCS, is filled with complaints, most recently, a complaint about mold growing on their (late) delivered product.

“I waited almost a month to get something that could be very dangerous to ingest,” wrote a Reddit user who goes by u/n1shh. “It’s a first after almost twenty years of cannabis use. ‘Know what’s in your cannabis’ my ass.” In a posted photo, white fuzz can be seen growing on a nugget of what is said to be cannabis purchased from. the OCS.

Cannabis investor handed lifetime ban to the US

cannabis investor - lifetime ban from US - The Bis Weekly News Roundup

The Financial Post is reporting that a Canadian investor travelling to Las Vegas, Nevada was been issued a lifetime ban from entering the United States.

“He was travelling straight from Vancouver to Vegas. When they found out he was going down to tour the marijuana facility and that he was an investor in marijuana, they gave him a lifetime ban,” said Len Saunders, an immigration lawyer based in Washington, said to FP.

Saunders says the individual consulted him after receiving the ban.

The individual, who invests in a Canadian cannabis business that has an operation in Nevada, received the ban on the morning of Nov. 14, as he travelled to Las Vegas to attend the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo.

New poll says Canadians want a higher legal cannabis age

At the age of 18, a Canadian citizen can purchase both restricted and non-restrict firearms, join the military and purchase alcohol in Alberta and Quebec, by 19 across the entire country. However, in spite of this, a new poll is showing a majority of people in Canada think the legal age for cannabis should be raised to 20-years-old or higher.

Administered online in October to a random sample of 1,500 Canadian adults, an Angus Reid survey found that a combined 52% of respondents wanted the minimum age of cannabis consumption to be raised higher than 19. Just over one-in-four (27%) say that 18, the number set by the federal government as the minimum in any jurisdiction, is the right age, nearly the same number (26%) believe that 21 would be more appropriate. Another 23% would like to see the age raised even higher.

Differences of opinion on this issue are driven largely by age. Respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 are twice as likely to say that they are pleased (44%) rather than disappointed (22%) to see cannabis available for recreational use, while the opinions of those over the age of 55 feel the opposite, with 23% pleased and 43% disappointed.

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