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New Webisode! Retail Cannabis – Private or Public?

In this episode, Chuck sits down with Michael Lickver – EVP of Auxly, Anthony George, a stock market trader, and Tamara Hirsh – Founder of Pacifico Dispensaries. With legalization coming into effect this October, it’s up to each province to determine how they distribute retail cannabis. We’re asking: is a public or a private system […]

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New Webisode! Importing Cannabis to Canada?

In this episode, Chuck sits down with Ashley Athill, a cannabis educator, David Hyde, a cannabis security advisor, and Matt Mernaugh, Cannabis activist and author. With legalization now official in Canada, there have been some concerns about lack of supply. Should we be allowed to import cannabis?

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New Webisode! Opioids vs. Cannabis

In this episode, Chuck sits down with Alexandra Perry from Addiction Rehab, Lachlan Cheng, a cultivation consultant and Tyler James from Eden Medicinal Society. In the midst of an epidemic, can Cannabis be used to reduce usage of opiates?

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